Old Island Directory
The Poptropica islands and areas listed below are unavailable on the island map to most players. However, you can teleport to them using the links below.

  - Follow the instructions on the unlocker page.
  - Video guides for the instructions above are available! Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  - Island resets and the Costumizer both work, but the player will need to close the game after doing so, follow the instructions on the unlocker page again, and then teleport back to the island. Outfit changes made in old islands will only be temporary.
  - Help can be received in the Poptropica Club Discord server, but please first refer to the video guides if you encounter any issues with the teleporter. Assistance for Mac users may be limited.
  - If the old island login scene appears immediately after teleporting or after leaving a scene for the first time, that means the steps were not followed correctly and must be redone.

Early Poptropica
Shark Tooth
Super Power
Big Nate
Reality TV
Great Pumpkin
Wild West
Wimpy Wonderland
Red Dragon
Mystery Train
Game Show
Ghost Story
Vampire's Curse
Twisted Thicket
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Wimpy Boardwalk
Lunar Colony
Super Villain
Night Watch
Back Lot
Legendary Swords

Promotional Scenes
Great Pumpkin - Pumpkin Patch
Cryptids - Nessie Hunt
Wild West - Round'em Up (Nonfunctional)
Wimpy Wonderland - Main Street Demo
Red Dragon - Prepare for Impact
Shrink Ray - Shrink Shot
Mystery Train - D.C. Diner
Game Show - Money Ladder (Nonfunctional)
Ghost Story - Spook Central (Nonfunctional)

Blimp Adventure
Don't be an Energy Hog
Dr. Hare's Secret Lab
Haunted House
Poptropica Labs (Members Only)