Old Island Directory
Poptropica's old islands can still be played using Flashpoint. While Poptropica hasn't officially been added to Flashpoint's game list yet, they can still be played right now with Windows computers.

Here's how to play:
  1. Download the "7Z Archive" of Flashpoint Core from the Flashpoint Downloads page. No other Flashpoint downloads work with Poptropica yet! (If the file's size isn't close to 750 megabytes, you downloaded the wrong file!)
  2. Extract the contents of the 7Z file to a new folder using an application like 7-Zip. The 7Z file can be deleted once it's been extracted.
  3. Start Flashpoint Core by going to the folder that it was extracted to, then doubleclicking the "Start Flashpoint" file.
  4. Click the "Curate" button at the top of Flashpoint.
  5. Download the Poptropica curation.
  6. On the right side of Flashpoint Core's "Curate" menu, click the "Load Archive" button and upload the Poptropica curation from the previous step. The curation's 7Z file can be deleted once it's been loaded into Flashpoint.
  7. If you don't know your computer's administrator password or don't want to provide it when starting the game, uncheck the "Symlink Curation Content Folder" checkbox that's on the right side of Flashpoint Core's "Curate" menu. Loading times will be increased by doing this.
  8. After the curation gets fully loaded into Flashpoint Core, you'll be able to play the old islands by clicking the "Run" button at the bottom of the "Curate" menu!

Need help? Feel free to reach out in the Poptropica Club Discord server!