This is the unofficial Poptropica teleporter, which allows you to travel to anywhere in Poptropica instantaneously.

Important Resources
Old Island Directory - Play old islands and other removed scenes.
API Reference - Learn how to use the teleporter to its fullest potential.
Configuration File - Look at the inner workings of the teleporter.
Scene List - A list of every scene in Poptropica.

10/18/21 - Added a new advanced flag named "arcadeGameScene" to allow teleportations to load arcade games specified by the "arcadeGame" parameter in different scenes.
05/26/21 - Fairy Tale Island can now be teleported to. More "arcadeGame" parameter values have been added to the API documentation. Save data bugs for the Haxe and AS2 formats have been fixed.
10/15/20 - The AS3 and Haxe formats will now load the last used account. Speaking of the Haxe format, its teleportation feature has been fixed.
10/02/20 - All teleporter pages have been visually redesigned. In addition to that, the Old Island Directory's instructions have been slightly improved.
06/12/20 - Most functionalities unavailable in the old islands have been restored. However, the shortcut from Counterfeit Island to Early Poptropica Island has been removed because the travel map is now accessible. Additionally, a bug affecting the "cmg" advanced flag has been fixed.
06/04/20 - Reworked the teleporter and added documentation for the "format" and "sub" parameters.
05/22/20 - Optimized the teleporter with a slight code rewrite and fixed a bug that prevented AS3 scenes from being teleported to.
01/18/20 - Added support for Steamworks Island's mech. When in it, load scenes with the page prompts that come after cancelling the page exit.
01/05/20 - Multiple corrections have been made to the scene list, including the common room list.
11/11/19 - The scene list has been updated and linked to.
11/10/19 - The teleporter has been expanded to include this homepage, an API guide, a link to the teleporter's configuration file, and a link to the Poptropica Club Discord server.
10/15/19 - Wild West Island's horse riding area can now be accessed. Its prompt comes after the main street prompt when loading/exiting the horse area.
09/14/19 - Reality TV Island's minigames can now be played. Its prompt comes after the main street prompt when entering/exiting a minigame. Exiting Poptropica while playing a season may cause games to be played more than once.
09/12/19 - Early Poptropica Island can now be accessed from Counterfeit Island's main street. Its prompt comes after the main street prompt when closing the tab and then cancelling while on the Counterfeit Island main street. Use the back button to get back from Early Poptropica.
09/07/19 - Old island main streets can now be accessed by closing the tab, cancelling the tab closure, and then agreeing to the next prompt which asks to load the island's main street. Useful for resetting islands.
08/19/19 - Back/forward button functionality has been added to old islands.